Support us

Even though we have a non-profit model, we still need your supports to keep the space running. Please support us by buying our passes so you can come back and use the space anytime (non-consecutive days). 1 -day, 3-day, 7 day, and 30 day passes are available now. Alternatively if you believe in what we do, please support us online via: 

1 Day Pass- 120THB

If you are just passing through Chiang Mai or would like to try working in a co-working space for the first time and see if it's right for you, you can buy one day pass. It does come with free self-served beverage.

3 Day/ 7 Day - 300THB/640THB

You're hooked! You just want more of kitncaboodle :). Don't worry, we have your back! You can work any day (non-consecutive) and we will warm the seats up just for you. Perks!! you get a free welcome drink plus self-serve beverage.

30 Day (nonconsecutive) 2400 THB

You wanna be a member of the coolest kids in town? You come to the right place. Not only our members get the bragging right, we also give you lots of perks. You get free welcome drink, self-serve beverage, discount on drinks and food, access to meeting room (coming soon) and many more...

Need a private desk?

We’re in the process of creating a private office space. Please email us if you’re interested. 

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